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We provide innovative solutions through Testing, Inspection and Certification Services for our customers to be competitive globally.


  • Customer-focusWe focus on delivering excellence to our customers
  • IntegrityWe practise the highest standards of integrity
  • Teamwork – We achieve success through dedication, commitment and teamwork


SIRIM QAS International practises the highest level of integrity in our business dealings by abiding to SIRIM code of ethics. This applies to gifts and other benefits. All employees must not give or accept any vouchers with monetary value or gifts of significant values, rebates, commissions, loans, fees, rewards, shares and securities of any kind of employment, contract of services, favours and hospitality from any parties which render them in a compromising situations.

To avoid conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest in our business dealings, the following applies:

  • SIRIM QAS International staff are not to accept personal gifts from external parties
  • SIRIM QAS International staff are not to present personal gifts to external parties
  • SIRIM QAS International staff may accept any gifts of a corporate nature presented to SIRIM QAS International by its business partners without any conflict of interest.