Chemical & Material

Chemical & Material

Innovations involving advanced materials, biochemical, petrochemicals, rubber and rare earth elements have found numerous applications in many important industries today.  These chemicals and materials are critical in the manufacture of many of the world’s most important goods, including energy and lighting, automotive components and medical products.  Soft lines industries are particularly reliant on chemicals and materials processing for producing their goods but are also required to comply with increasingly complex product safety standards.

Manufacturing basic chemicals and chemical products involve the handling and disposal of many different types of toxic waste, while the manufacture of pharmaceuticals products requires adherence to good manufacturing practices and good laboratory practices.  Many of these chemicals and materials are also a hazard to our health and the environment.  Their production and application are thus highly regulated.  By consistently complying with these regulations as well as other voluntary standards, you are able to differentiate yourself from the competition and gain better market share while building customer loyalty. 

SIRIM QAS International can help your businesses improve its efficiency, safety and environmental performance the following services:

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