The construction sector is very sensitive to quality, safety and environmental issues.  Malaysia’s construction industry is governed by both foreign and local standards as well as Uniform Building By-Laws (UBBLs), all which are designed to ensure the safety and sustainability of construction projects.  These standards not only ensure the quality and reliability of the infrastructure, but also of the materials and components used in these projects.

However, society is also demanding more energy efficient buildings and infrastructure with smaller ecological impacts.  Smart builders have long learned that safer, greener projects are usually able to command better prices in today’s crowded marketplace.  By demonstrating certifiable proof of the safety, reliability and eco-friendliness of your projects, your organization stands to gain improved market share, higher profit margins and better brand reputations. 

SIRIM QAS International offers certification services for all mandatory quality and safety standards for building materials and components as well as various values-add standards for civil engineering and environmental friendliness.

We offer the following services for the Construction sector:

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