Food & Consumer Product Manufacturing

Food & Consumer Product Manufacturing

Consumer and household products, as well as food and beverage, are among the world’s most tightly regulated industries.  More than 200 diseases are spread through food, and about 75 per cent of the new infectious diseases affecting humans over the past decade were caused by bacteria and viruses originating from animals and animal products.  Manufacturers are constantly faced with the threat of contamination outbreaks from chemical processes as well as pesticides or carcinogens introduced through the raw material supply chain.

Ensuring that their production environment and supply chain remains free of these contaminants remains a top priority of businesses in this sector.  Smart businesses also realize that it is not enough to merely meet the mandatory regulations for consumer goods.  Customers are becoming increasingly concerned with the ecological impacts of their consumption habits, and businesses that can demonstrate their eco-friendliness will win these customers over.

SIRIM QAS International can help your organization meet all these challenging requirements. We offer the following services for the Food & Consumer Product Manufacturing sector:

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