Oil, Gas & Energy

Oil, Gas & Energy

The oil, gas and energy sector has played a crucial role in the world’s economic and social development, and will continue to do so in the future. Unfortunately, fossil fuels are also responsible for much of the damage to the world’s ecosystem, placing businesses in the energy supply chain under intense scrutiny.  Oil field exploration companies and downstream processing plants for coke and refined petroleum products are being challenged to find new sources of raw materials while reducing the environmental impact of their activities. Organizations involved in the mining and processing of various metals, gold, coal, lignite and iron are also being taken to task by regulatory agencies and NGOs concerned with the occupational safety of workers in these sectors. 

 All businesses involved in the extraction and processing of primary resources are typically very energy intensive and produce large amounts of toxic waste.  Organizations must minimize the effects of their activities on the world’s ecosystem and demonstrate their commitment to environmental safety and sustainability in order to remain competitive.  Renewable energy technologies will play a crucial role in the development of the industries in the future. Besides the usual mandatory safety and health certifications, SIRIM QAS International also offers an eco-friendly range of voluntary certification schemes designed to improve the “green” reputation of your business.  In addition to helping you win new customers in your existing markets, these schemes can help you tap into new market overseas.  They can also help you win over socially responsible investors (SRIs) keen on investing in organizations that support ecological sustainability.

We offer the following services to organizations in the oil, gas and energy sector:

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