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Manufacturers of electrical and electronic products who wish to break into new export markets can participate in the IEC system for Conformity Testing & Certification of Electrotechnical Equipment & Components - IECEE CB Scheme in order to overcome trade barriers caused by different certification criteria in different countries. The IECEE CB Test Report is a crucial part of this scheme.

Scope of Testing Services

Product Name IEC Standard Product Scope
Household and Similar Equipment 60335-1 House and Similar Appliances-General Requirements
60335-2-2 Vacuum Cleaners
60335-2-3 Electric Irons
60335-2-4 Spin Extractors
60335-2-6 Cooking Range, Hobs, Oven
60335-2-7 Washing Machines
60335-2-9 Toasters, Grills, Roasters
60335-2-13 Deep Fat Fryers, Frying Pans
60335-2-14 Kitchen Machines
60335-2-15 Appliances For Heating Liquids
60335-2-21 Storage Water Heater
60335-2-23 Appliances for Skin or Hair Care
60335-2-24 Refrigerators and Food Freezers
60335-2-29 Battery Chargers
60335-2-35 Instantaneous Water Heaters
60335-2-43 Clothes Dryer
60335-2-45 Portable Heating Tools
60335-2-59 Insect Killers
60335-2-65 Air-Cleaning Appliances
60335-2-75 Commercial Dispensing Appliances
60335-2-80 Fans
60335-2-101 Vaporizers
Electronics Entertainment 60065 Electronic Apparatus
Luminaires 60400 Lampholders for Tubular Fluorescent Lamps and Starterholders
60598-1 Luminaires
60598-2-1 Fixed General Purpose Luminaires
60598-2-2 Recessed Luminaires
60598-2-4 Portable General Purpose Luminaires
60921 Ballasts for Fluorescent Lamps(Performance)
61347-1 Lamp Controlgear
61347-2-1 Starting Devices
61347-2-3 Electronic Ballasts for Fluorescent Lamps
61347-2-8 Electronic Ballasts for Fluorescent Lamps
61347-2-9 Ballasts for Discharge Lamps
Installation Accessories And Connection Devices 60669-1 Switches for Fixed Electrical Installations
IT And Office Equipment 60950 Office and IT Equipment
60950-1 Office and IT Equipment
Tools 60745-1 Hand-Held Motor-operated Electric Tools
60745-2-1 Drills
60745-2-3 Grinders, Polishers and Disk-Type Sanders
60745-2-4 Sanders

Testing Facilities

  • Endurance Test
  • Flexion Tester
  • Luminaire Testing
  • Free-Fall Test Apparatus
  • Surge Test
  • Fan Testing
  • Vacuum Cleaner Hose Crush Tester
  • Iron Endurance Tester
  • Probe for Measurement of Surface Temperature
  • Water Pressure Apparatus
  • Cordless Kettle Tester
  • Water Evaporation Apparatus