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The National Mark of Malaysian Brand is a scheme offered to Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in an effort to promote and enhance the visibility of their brand through association with the National Mark logo which is a mark of recognition of the quality, excellence and distinction of their products and services. This scheme is owned by SME Corp Malaysia with SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd. as their certification partner. Organizations, whether SMEs or non-SMEs, will be able to develop and build their brands to local and international markets via this scheme and at the same time derive tangible commercial benefits. The National Mark logo is used in association with the organization's brand for promotional activities such in product labels, brochures/product leaflets, advertising medium etc.

List of Malaysian Brand Recipient (click here)


  • Obtain incentives from the SME Corp. Malaysia for qualifying SMEs only.
  • Gain access to ongoing local and international trade promotion activities as well as advertising and promotion activities by the MATRADE.
  • Enjoy special access passes to MICCI-SME Corp. Malaysia mentoring programmes.
  • Obtain invitations to specific training opportunities organized by the SME Corp. Malaysia and its partners.
  • Receive privileged media coverage.

Application Process

  1. Submit Questionnaire
  2. Submit Application
  3. Stage 1 Audit
  4. Stage 2 Audit
  5. Recommendation
  6. Issuance of Certificate
  7. Renewal Assessment