Inspection Services

Inspection Services

About Inspection Services

Certain clients may require inspections for your organization to comply with certification and contractual requirements. These may include inspections conforming to the requirements of foreign certification bodies, regulatory inspections, ad-hoc quality auditing and inspections as well as import and export inspections. SIRIM QAS International can assist your organization with all of these types of inspections.

Our services

  • Ad-hoc quality/pre-shipment inspection
  • Determination of conformity with specific requirements
  • Issuance of Conformity/Quality Certificate
  • Issuance of Conformity Certificate – Saudi Arabia

What are the benefits of Inspection Services ?

  • Reduce inspection costs incurred by local manufacturers intending to export overseas.
  • Take advantage of business opportunities by demonstrating compliance through ad-hoc quality/pre-shipment inspections.

Why SIRiM QAS International ?

  • We provide assurance of independent inspection to regulatory requirements of statutory bodies as well as compliance to contractual requirements.
  • We offer the most competent and cost-effective third party inspection services.
  • We provide a localized one-stop service supported by a comprehensive laboratory and testing facilities.
  • We have a large pool of technically qualified and experienced professionals to serve your needs.

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