Management System Certification

Management System Certification

About Management System Certification

As an internationally recognized and accepted certification provider, we offer a wide range of management system certification services that can assist organizations in meeting the needs and expectations of their stakeholders and businesses in penetrating local, regional and international markets. Our long term clients come from a diverse range of industries, including organizations in the Automotive, Electrical and Electronic (E&E), Civil and Construction, Chemical and Materials, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Logistic, Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Public Sectors.

Our services offerings are backed by a large pool of technically competent professionals with industrial knowledge who are committed to providing the best services to our clients. We facilitate our client’s efforts to enhance their core business processes and ultimately improve their business performance. With effective management systems in place, our clients benefit from a clearly structured and systematic approach to business that results in a more positive experience for their customers.

We also offer the option of Integrated Management Systems Certification audits with the objective of providing consistent, optimised and efficient audits.

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