Because of growing environmental awareness, consumers are increasingly demanding timber products which originate from responsibly managed forests. You can provide assurance that your products come from sustainable forests through our PEFC-MTCS forest management and chain-of-custody certification schemes and delivering Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® N002560) certification services in association with SCS Global Services (SCS).

SCS Global Services investigates complaints and appeals in compliance with its FSC Complaint and Appeal Procedure available here. In the case of complaints against the actions of an SCS client, the complainant should first attempt to resolve the issue with that client prior to requesting that SCS become involved. In the case of appeals, the appellant must lodge its appeal with SCS against any adverse decision taken by SCS within thirty (30) calendar days after notification of the decision. SCS’ FSC Complaint and Appeal Procedure can be made available in the local language of the country of operation upon request.

Contact us if you wish to transfer your certification from another accredited certification body to SIRIM QAS International.

  • Cultivate a positive image of being socially responsible company supporting sustainable forestry and conserving forest resources.

  • Enjoy price premiums on certified environment-friendly products.

  • Broaden market access as demand for sustainable timber products grows.

  • Improve business credibility when dealing with groups with environmental interests.

  • We are accredited by the Department of Standards Malaysia (STANDARDS MALAYSIA).

  • We are a notified certification body under the Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme operated by the Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC).

  • We are a regional representative of SCS Global Services (SCS) and FSC® accredited certification body. We provide auditing services on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC® N002560) to clients for forest management and chain-of-custody for forest-based products

  • We are able to provide high quality auditing services on forestry management and chain of custody due to our highly experienced and well- trained audit team.

Forest Management Certification Process

  1. Submission of Questionnaire

  2. Issuance of Quotation

  3. Submission of Application

  4. Conduct on Stage 2 Audit

  5. Preparation of Draft Final Report

  6. Submission for Peer Review

  7. Preparation of Final Report

  8. Submission Peer Review

  9. Preparation of Final report

  10. Recommendation & Approval

  11. Issuance of certificate

  12. Surveillance Audit/Recertification

Chain-of Custody Certification Process

  1. Submission of Questionnaire

  2. Issuance of Quotation

  3. Submission of Application

  4. Conduct Document Review

  5. Conduct On-Site Audit

  6. Recommendation & Approval

  7. Issuance of certificate

  8. Surveillance Audit/Recertification

SCS Global Services menyiasat aduan dan rayuan mengikut Prosidur Aduan dan Rayuan FSC tersedia di sini. Di dalam kes aduan terhadap tindakan yang diambil oleh klien SCS; pengadu perlu terlebih dahulu menyelesaikan isu tersebut dengan klien SCS sebelum meminta SCS terlibat di dalam aduan tersebut. Di dalam kes rayuan, perayu perlu membuat rayuan kepada SCS terhadap sesuatu keputusan SCS yang tidak dipersetujui dalam tempoh masa tiga puluh (30) hari kalendar selepas pemberitahuan keputusan tersebut. Prosidur SCS mengenai Aduan dan Rayuan FSC tersedia di dalam bahasa tempatan negara yang ada operasi atas permintaan


1. Brochure | 8 MB

2. Guideline on Application for Forest Management Certificate | 156 kB

3. Guideline on application for Chain-of-Custody Certification | 257 kB

4. Questionnaire - FMC | 143 kB

5. Questionnaire - CoC | 177 kB

6. Application Form - FMC | 99 kB

7. Application Form - CoC | 81 kB

8. Application For Transfer of Certificate | 23 kB