Industries working with explosive atmospheres, such as oil and gas refineries, petrol stations, chemical processing plants, printing industries and paper industries, require special workshops for the service and repair of explosion protected equipment. Your workshop or facility needs to be certified with the IECEx Certified Service Facilities Scheme in order to comply with the safety requirements of these industries.

  • Demonstrate compliance with international requirements on the capability and competency of your repair workshop or facility.
  • Assure your customers that the safety features of Ex equipment will not be compromised during the repair and maintenance process.
  • Obtain the IECEx Online certificate in order to provide full access to industry players to your certification status, thus creating new business opportunities worldwide.
  • We are an Accepted IECEx Certification Body (CB) within the IECEx Certified Service Facilities Program.
  • We are the sole ASEAN-based ExCB offering the IECEx certified service facilities scheme.
  • Our highly experienced and professional auditors are competent in a wide range of sectors.
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  3. Document Review
  4. On-site Assessment
  5. Approval


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