Local engineers, consultants, contractors and suppliers of ready-mixed concrete (RMC) are recommended to adopt the latest standard in order to ensure the quality and consistency of concrete. Your organization can certify your concrete through the Ready-Mixed Concrete Certification Scheme under SIRIM QAS International.

  • Elevate customers’ confidence in the quality and consistency of RMC being used in your construction projects.

  • Ensure that your organization enhances productivity and quality in the construction industry value chain through the use of high-grade materials.

  • Enhance your reputation and extend your market by using the SIRIM Product Certification Mark on your products as a marketing tool.

  1. Enquiry

  2. Application

  3. Evaluation of Document

  4. Workshop Audit and Sampling

  5. Testing

  6. Recommendation and Approval Process

  7. Issuance of License

  8. Surveillance

  9. Renewal