The importance of testing on Electrical Safety standards is obvious: “users of electric and electronic devices have to be protected from harm while operating” Most of safety standard for electrical products are developed with the assumption that, the user is considered to be not aware of the various risks associated with the use of electricity.

The safety of electrical appliance / equipment and application of a safety standard are intended to reduce the risk of injury or damage due to the following :

a) Electric shock

b) Energy related hazards

c) Fire /Heat related hazards

d) Mechanical hazards

e) Radiation/Chemical hazards

SIRIM QAS International has a diverse range of testing facilities and expertise to enable it to conduct safety test requirements on a broad spectrum of products against different specifications including but not limites to:

  • International (IEC, ISO), Regional (SASO, EN) Malaysia (MS IEC, MS) or other national standards (SS, TIS, BS, etc..)
  • Malaysia Energy Commission Regulatory requirements
  • Product certification scheme requirements
  • Trade association/industry specifications / standards

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Photometric / Spectroradiometric

  • Spectral power distribution, 380-780nm

  • Total luminous flux (lumens)

  • Useful lumens

  • Illuminance (lux)

  • Luminous intensity (candelas)


  • CIE chromaticity (xy, uv, u’v’)

  • Correlated colour temperature, CCT (Kelvin)

  • Dominant wavelength (nm) & purity

  • Colour rendering index, CRI

  • Colour Appearance Group

  • Colour Rendering Group

  • MacAdams Ellipses & SDCM

Angular / Spatial

  • Luminous intensity vs. angle

  • Luminance vs. angle

  • CCT vs. angle

  • CRI vs. angle

  • Beam angle

  • Polar intensity

  • Cone illuminance diagram

  • Unified glare rating (UGR)

  • Photometric data files in .ies format


  • Power consumption (Watts)

  • Light output ratio (LOR)

  • Lamp/Luminaire Efficacy (lumens / Watt)

  • Power Factor

  • Harmonic Current Emissions (THD)


· Cartesian Luminous Intensity Distribution

· Cone Intensity

· Intensity Table

· Luminous Flux

· Lumen Pie Chart

· Luminaire Luminance

· Cone Luminance

· IsoCandela Diagram

· Cone Lux Levels Downlights

· IsoLux Diagram

· Illuminance Greyscale

· IsoLux 3D

· Zonal Flux

· Luminance Limiting Curve

· CIBSE LG3 Rating

· Reduced Unified Glare Rating Table

· Photometric Solid

· Illuminance Grid

· IESNA Roadway

· IESNA CoU Table

· TM5 UF Table

· TM5 UF (Variation)

· Roadway UF Graph

Relevant Standards

  • IES LM-79-08 – Approved Method for Electrical & Photometric Measurements of Solid State Lighting Products

  • CIE 121-1996 – The Photometry and Goniophotometry of Luminaires

· CIE 84-1989 – The Measurement of Luminous Flux

  • BS EN 13032-1:2004 – Measurement and presentation of photometric data of lamps and luminaires

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