Plastics & Composite Materials

Plastics & Composite Materials

About Plastics & Composite Material Testing Services

The Plastic and CompositeMaterials Section provides comprehensive testing services, as well as consultancy services. Accredited in accordance with the guidelines of ISO 17025, our laboratories have the capabilities to ensure that your plastic materials and products comply with the National and International standards. Conforming with our vision, we ensure you the provision of our globally accepted professional services

What are the benefits of Plastics & Composite Material Testing Services?

  • Provide an independent assurance that tests are done in accordance with the stated specification, test method and, the specified environmental conditions.
  • Provide an independent assurance of product compliance with standards and requirements, thus facilities customers’ acceptance.

Why SIRIM QAS International?

  • Accreditation and recognition as International Test House from the Department of Standards Malaysia (STANDARDS MALAYSIA) under the National Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SAMM) based on the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.
  • SIRIM QAS International is uniquely placed to offer the best service and support packages to meet clients best interests both nationally and/or internationally.
  • The Plastic and Composite Materials Section has been recognised as an approved Test House for BAE System, Airbus UK, CASA (Spain) and CTRMAC for aerospace composite materials testing services for more than a decade.

How to apply Plastics & Composite Material Testing Services?

1. Enquiries by customer
2. Issuance of quotation
3. Submission of application and test items
4. Product testing
5. Issuance of Test Report

Thermal & Spectroscopic Analysis

  • Material, Contamination & Failure Analysis
  • Thermal Profile, Glass Transition Temperature (Tg), Heat of Fusion, Crystallinity, Specific Heat Capacity (Cp), Oxidation Induction Time (OIT) & Curing Analysis.
  • Material Composition, Filler Content, Carbon Black Content, Onset of Degradation
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, Stiffness & Damping, Softening Temperature
  • Microsection Analysis

Physical and Mechanical Properties

  • Tensile, Flexural, Compressive & Tear Properties
  • Izod, Charpy & Tensile Impact at both Ambient & Sub-Ambient Temperatures, Dart Drop Impact
  • Shore A & D, Rockwell ,IRHD Hardness & Barcol Hardness.
  • Fatigue & Dynamic Mechanical Evaluation
  • Density of Solids, Foam & Powder
  • Rheology & Melt Flow
  • Haze, Light Transmittance, Opacity & Colour Change
  • Carbon Black Dispersion
  • Coefficient of Friction
  • Dynamic Bending & Torsion tests
  • Flammability (UL94) , Smoke Density & Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI)
  • Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) & Vicat Softening Temperature

Environmental Conditioning

  • Heat Ageing, Heat Cycle, Heat Reversion, Shrinkage
  • Temperature & Humidity Conditioning
  • Accelerated Weathering : Xenon & QUV
  • Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance (ESCR)


  • Surface & Volume Resistivity & Breakdown Voltage
  • Flammability (UL94), Smoke Density & Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI)
  • Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) & Vicat Softening Temperature
  • Moldflow Simulation Analysis for Injection Moulding (Flow, Cool, Warp & Shrink)
  • Surface & Volume Resistivity


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