SIRIM Marks & Labels

SIRIM Marks & Labels

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Management System Certification Marks

Companies with certifications under SIRIM QAS International’s Management Certification Scheme will be able to display our widely-recognised marks.

Guidelines for Usage

An organisation with certified management systems by SIRIM QAS International is entitled to use our management system certification marks. This mark may be used on its own or in combination with the accreditation mark appearing on management system certificate issued to the organisation. The mark used shall reflect the management system for which the organisation has certified and the certificate reference number.

Management system certification marks may be used in literature, stationery and advertising. However, it shall not be displayed on products or packaging (both primary and secondary). Not only that, no display of marks shall be on flags, vehicles and the exterior walls of buildings.

The use of the certification marks is subject to terms and conditions in the Certification Agreement.

Product Certification Marks

Products bearing the SIRIM certification mark demonstrates product compliance with national or international standards. Thus, it provides the user with an assurance for safety and reliability.

Guideline for Usage

The certification mark shall be applied directly to each certified product except where the physical characteristics of the products do not permit. If that is the case, the certification mark may be applied to the smallest packaging unit or warranty card. The certification mark used shall reflect the standard number and the license number. The use of the certification marks and any deviations in the display of the certification mark is subject to terms and conditions in the Product Certification Agreement.

SIRIM Labels

Some regulated products in Malaysia such as electrical appliances, communications and multimedia equipment, and motorcyclist helmets must be affixed with SIRIM labels. Some non-regulated products may also be certified by SIRIM QAS International and affixed with SIRIM labels.

Verification of SIRIM Labels

To verify of SIRIM labels, please contact the following:
Tel: 603 5544 6400
Email :

Usage of SIRIM QAS International Logo

The use of SIRIM QAS International’s corporate logo, trademarks or any intellectual property under any circumstances without the prior written approval of the Chief Executive Officer is strictly forbidden.

Claim Made for SIRIM Tested Products

Organisations are not allowed to use SIRIM Logo and/or words such as “SIRIM Tested and Proven” and similar representations in any manner whatsoever without the prior written approval from the Chief Executive Officer of SIRIM QAS International. The organisation can apply for approval from the Chief Executive Officer for the use of Test Report and SIRIM’s wording for advertisement purposes.

For the correct usage of reference to a SIRIM test report, please contact the following:
Tel: 603 5544 6805 / 6840
Fax: 603 5544 5655
Email: /

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