Importation of Edible Wheat Flour

Importation of Edible Wheat Flour

Importation of nine (9) types of Edible Wheat Flour for human consumption requires a Certificate of Approval (COA) issued by SIRIM QAS International. Testing and verification for the certification comply with the Malaysian Standard MS 85.

The certification applies for the following nine (9) types of Edible Wheat Flour:

  1. White Flour.

  2. High Protein Flour.

  3. Protein-increased Flour.

  4. Wholemeal Flour.

  5. Atta Flour.

  6. Self-raising Flour.

  7. Enriched Flour.

  8. Chlorinated Flour.

  9. Gluten Flour.

SIRIM QAS International provides unbiased, independent verification and sampling of flour quality through our testing services. Additionally, we also audit factory facilities as part of our Product Certification services. Once approved, certification is given, allowing the licensee to affix the SIRIM Certification Mark on the certified product. 


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