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Implementation on Issuance of CoA and Labelling for Domestic Gas Cooking Appliances

Energy Commission or Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST) is implementing a system which requires manufacturers and importers of domestic gas cooking appliances for LPG to obtain Certificate of Approval (CoA) from ST. Upon approval, each appliance will be labelled with SIRIM-ST Labels. This implementation will be made mandatory from 1st April 2019. The relevant standards used for compliance are MS 1535 and BS EN 30.


The conditions for CoA’s approval are as follows:

1.0 The appliances are certified to SIRIM Product Certification Scheme (Type 5); or

2.0 The appliances are certified to Batch Certification (Type 1B). It is as an alternative method and only applies to imported products. Type test report from an accredited lab is required for verification prior to CoA application, and verification test will be conducted by SIRIM for every consignment.

Both conditions of approvals are well explained in Guide On Issuance Of Approval And Labelling Of Domestic Gas Cooking Appliances issued by ST. SIRIM-ST Label will be issued upon successfully complying with the above requirement. SIRIM-ST label is to be affixed to each appliance in the manner which has been determined by ST.

The implementation of CoA and SIRIM-ST label on a domestic gas appliance is aimed to ensure consumer safety, and the risk of accidents can be minimised and avoided.


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