Face Mask Testing and Certification

Face Mask Testing and Certification

Maintaining Safety and Reliability of Personal Protecting Equipment.

About Face Mask Testing and Certification

SIRIM QAS is ready to assist manufacturers and suppliers meet the increasing the demand for quality and safe products in the market. Our testing and certification covers a wide range of face masks and respirators, helping companies ensure product compliance with international standards.

Face masks and respirators are expected to provide essential protection to the user from any infectious agents or hazardous airborne particles. Apart from application in the healthcare and industrial sectors, the use of masks for the public becomes imperative during haze, pandemics and epidemics.

Substandard quality of masks therefore could cause occupational hazards and present a serious risk to the public health and safety.  Therefore, testing and certification can help ensure standards of quality are maintained by manufacturers and suppliers of these products.

SIRIM QAS is a one-stop centre for testing and product certification for face masks. We have the expertise and capabilities to perform testing on a wide range of face masks and respirators based on relevant international standards. 

Product certification with SIRIM QAS is proof that the products you put out in the market are of superior quality, and grants you a competitive edge in the PPE industry. This also enables acceptance of your products to international markets through compliance with national requirements.

Scope of Services

Medical Masks

Medical or surgical masks are used by healthcare professionals and patients to protect them from exposure to infections, blood and bodily fluids. There are three types of surgical masks:

  • Type I are used for patients in order to reduce the risk of the spread of infections, especially during pandemics and epidemics
  • Type II are used by healthcare workers and front liners for similar intended purposes when contact to blood or bodily fluids are not at risk
  • Type IIR are appropriate for use by healthcare professionals where exposure to blood and/or bodily fluids are at risk

1/2/3 ply masks are Type I medical face masks that have a lower bacterial filtration efficiency compared to Type II masks. Type IIR medical masks have similar applications as Type II but carry additional properties of splash resistance.

SIRIM QAS is capable to carry out testing for all the above types of medical masks based on the international standard BS EN 14683, which covers:

  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)
  • Differential Pressure
  • Splash resistance pressure (Synthetic Blood)
  • Microbial Cleanliness (Bioburden)
  • Biocompatibility

Non-medical Masks

Reusable masks are seen as a more economical and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable masks. They are generally used for non-medical purposes but should meet minimum requirements to protect the user from transmission of infectious agents.

AFNOR SPEC S76-001 standard outlines requirements of the manufacture, design and performance of woven masks.  

Relevant performance testing offered by SIRIM QAS include Composition, Basis Weight, BFE, Breathability, Splash Resistance, Particle Filter Penetration, Head Harness and Cleaning and Drying.

Respiratory Protective Devices

Respirators are tight-fitted masks designed to protect the users against particles which include gasses, dust, droplets and aerosols. SIRIM QAS can perform tests on various types of respirators based on relevant standards.

Why SIRIM QAS International?

  • Provide assurance of safety and reliability of your products with SIRIM QAS’s credible test report and SIRIM certification mark
  • Ensure that your products are manufactured under an effective system of testing, supervision and control, reducing defects during production and mitigate unnecessary costs
  • Gain consumer confidence and differentiate your products in the market by demonstrating product compliance with relevant standards
  • Boost your brand reputation and enhance marketability on your certified products as a marketing tool

Application Process


  1. Enquiries
  2. Issuance of Quotation
  3. Application
  4. Submission of Test item
  5. Product Testing
  6. Issuance of Test Report


  1. Enquiries
  2. Issuance of Quotation
  3. Application
  4. Document Evaluation
  5. Initial Audit
  6. Sample Selection and Testing
  7. Recommendation and Approval
  8. Surveillance Audit
  9. Renewal

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