Safety Testing

Safety Testing

About Safety Testing Services

The importance of testing on Electrical Safety standards is obvious: “users of electric and electronic devices have to be protected from harm while operating”.  Most of safety standard for electrical products are developed with the assumption that, the user is considered to be not aware of the various risks associated with the use of electricity.  The safety of electrical appliance / equipment and application of a safety standard are intended to reduce the risk of injury or damage due to the followings:

  1. Electric Shock
  2. Energy related hazards
  3. Fire/Heat related hazards
  4. mechanical hazards
  5. Radiation / Chemical hazards

SIRIM QAS International has a diverse range of testing facilities and expertise to enable it to conduct safety test requirements on a broad spectrum of products against different specifications including but not limited to

  • International (IEC, ISO), Regional (SASO, EN) Malaysia (MS IEC, MS) or other national standards (SS, TIS, BS, etc..)
  • Malaysia Energy Commission regulatory requirements
  • Product certification scheme requirements
  • Trade association/industry specifications / standards

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