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Notice on Latest Update of Annual Commitment Fee and Restructure of Evaluation Fee for Compliance Approval

Dear Valued Customers,
Thank you for your continuous support and patronage. We really appreciate it and wish to serve you better. 
In pursuing our obligation as a Certifying Agency whilst delivering the best service to you, we would like to notify the latest update on Commitment Fee and Certification Fee for Type Approval.  

Commitment Fee

Please be informed that SIRIM QAS International has introduced an annual commitment fee of RM50 to all of our customers for the purpose of carrying out Market Surveillance activities
For all existing customers, the quotation for Commitment Fee for the year 2020 shall be issued on 16 December 2019. 
While for new customers, the quotation shall be issued upon registration of new eComM account.
In order to maintain accessibility to all of the modules in the eComM account, you are advised to make payment for Commitment Fee within stipulated time as stated in the quotation and to complete the Compliance Approval Agreement document if your company has not completed this exercise yet.

Evaluation Fee For Compliance Approval

For Restructure of Evaluation Fee, SIRIM QAS International is pleased to update on the following: 

  • Reduction of fee for evaluation of wireless band from RM 650/band to RM 600/band, and
  • Rebate of RM 1000.00 or RM 2000.00 on total of evaluation fee for wireless feature(s).
Note: Certification fee is made up of registration, processing and evaluation fee.
For detailed reference on new fee and rebate above, please refer to the Attachment A of ADDENDUM OF RESTUCTURE EVALUATION FEE FOR COMPLIANCE ON COMMUNICATION, MULTIMEDIA AND HYBRID EQUIPMENT.
Hope this information will aid all of our customers in making Compliance Approval application submission. Should you require any assistance, kindly email to or Whatsapp us at 019 717 2627.
Thank you.


  • Restructure of Evaluation Fee for Compliance Approval on Communication, Multimedia and Hybrid Equipment