The – SIRIM QAS International safeguarding businesses with full range of IECEx certifications

As the world’s premiere IECEx Certification Body (ExCB), SIRIM QAS International is continuing to reinforce its commitment in ensuring quality and safety in explosive (Ex) industries. The wholly owned subsidiary of SIRIM Berhad offers a wide range of Ex Certifications including the IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme.

The importance of the Ex certification within industries operating in explosive atmospheres cannot be understated. Given the high chances of explosions in these workplaces, it is vital that these industries safeguard themselves by instilling proper processes that will reduce and even eliminate the risks, which is where SIRIM QAS International comes in.

Being Malaysia’s leading testing, inspection, and certification provider, SIRIM QAS International has the requisite expertise and facilities to carry out verification and certification of Ex equipment and systems, service facilities and personnel. As of September 2021, it has certified 20 Ex Service Facility and 450 personnel, said Nur Fadhilah Muhammad, CEO of SIRIM QAS International.

For companies operating within this sector, having an IECEx certification extends far beyond in ensuring workplace and equipment safety and compliance within the company’s operations. Being an IECEx-certified company also affords international recognition. Having a globally-recognized accreditation scheme is further assurance that the company and its services are aligned to best practices, which ultimately provides confidence to clients within the oil, gas and energy industry.

It is a benefit that EXS Synergy, a globally recognised Explosion Protection (Ex) specialist based in Kuala Lumpur experienced first-hand certification for IECEx Service Facility under the scope of Inspection and Maintenance (IECEx 03-4 scheme). The company, which was established in 2014 received its IECEx certification in 2017.

As SIRIM QAS International was the world’s only Ex Certifying Body under the IECEx 03-4 scheme at that time, it allowed EXS Synergy to become the world’s first IECEx Certified Service Facility in the scheme. This ultimately paved the way for EXS Synergy to further establish itself in the sector, securing orders and inquiries from more clients within the Asia Pacific region.

In markets such as UAE where IECEX regulation is mandatory, it ensures compliance with international standards whilst also promoting awareness about the role of safety and importance of standardisation bodies across the oil and gas sector. As IECEx is UN-approved and accepted worldwide, it also serves as a gateway to export markets whilst also, most importantly, serving to protect facilities and the public from hazards in helping to prevent untoward accidents and disasters.

Safety, Branding Awareness

As IECEx compliance is yet to be regulated in Malaysia, being IECEx-certified serves as a distinctive advantage to be ahead of other competitors.

By having an IECEx certification, it ensures that the company’s services comply to a global standard recognised by over 160 countries. This extends to work procedures, personnel competency as well as documentation systems, which provides clients with a peace of mind.  In EXS Synergy’s experience, having an IECEx certification also ensures that its in-house technical expertise can be deployed directly to clients easily.  

Additionally, IECEx certification is also an effective solution to promote the safety of equipment, facilities and personnel associated with devices, systems and installations used in explosive areas. Elaborating further, EXS Synergy reveals that in a globalised world where materials are sourced and used across many different countries, having a common standard is more important than ever.

One of the major benefits of the IECEx scheme is the facilitation of trade between countries. This ensures each of these participating countries speak the same language in terms of standards and certification for equipment, facilities and personnel operating in explosive environment.

As two Malaysian entities specializing in the highly critical area of Explosion Protection, EXS Synergy views SIRIM QAS International as its ally in deploying Malaysian expertise to the international market. This is not only serves to enhance and safeguard within the explosive industry space, but also establishes Malaysia as a leader in this growing area.

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