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World’s Premier IECEx Certification Body

Comply to Safety Standards in Explosive Atmospheres

Safe proof your business operations from potential hazards. IECEx sets standards for your organisation to adhere and comply to in order to operate efficiently and safely. SIRIM QAS lends support to the Ex industries as the sole IECEx Certification Body based in Southeast Asia, and one of the leading certification bodies in the world to offer the full range of IECEx schemes.

Managing Your Risks - The IECEx System

Business operations that are exposed to high-risk atmospheres such as oil refineries, petrol stations, chemical processing plants and treatment plants face risks of safety hazards every day. Incidents could lead to operational disruptions or worse, fatalities on-site.

The implementation of the IECEx System will help you manage and minimise these risks. Companies can be assured that work and service in Ex areas live up to the industry benchmark, reducing the risk or any operational delays that will cost time, energy and money. This allows for the safe delivery of products and services, securing your place in key markets.

IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme (Ex 02)

This scheme grants manufacturers of Ex equipment with IECEx Certificate of Conformity (CoC) based on IEC and ISO standards. This covers electrical and non-electrical equipment, systems and components.
Certification will provide assurance that Ex equipment meet strict safety requirements to prevent any fire and explosion hazards.
There are two types of IECEx certificates that can be issued under this scheme:

  1. IECExCoC which covers future production runs
  2. IECEx Unit Verification Certification for a defined number of equipment under a single production run. This certificate is considered “one-off” and does not cover future production runs

The scheme involves the following steps for issuance of CoC:

  1. Test and Assessment Report (ExTR) demonstrates that the product design conforms with the IEC 60079 standards
  2. Quality Assessment Report (QAR) following assessment of the quality management system of the manufacturer in line with the ISO/IEC 80079-34 standard. This also involves an on-site assessment of the manufacturing location or production site
  3. Issuance of IECEx CoC for the Ex equipment, systems and components that conform with the relevant IEC or ISO International Standards

Upon certification, the manufacturer will be subjected to periodic surveillance audits to ensure continuous compliance.