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Safety Awareness Campaign on SIRIM-ST Approved Electrical Appliances Launched

Aims to Increase Awareness on Importance of SIRIM-ST Labels on Electrical Appliances Amongst Consumers, Manufacturers and Importers


The Safety Awareness Campaign is a collaborative campaign between SIRIM QAS International (SIRIM), Energy Commission (ST), the Malaysian Electrical Appliances Distributors Association (MEADA) and the Federation of Malaysian Electrical Appliances Dealers’ Association (FOMEDA). The involved parties initiate this campaign with the objective to increase awareness of the importance of SIRIM-ST approved electrical appliances and to make sure importers only distribute electrical appliances that is SIRIM approved with SIRIM-ST labels.

SIRIM QAS International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SIRIM Berhad has been appointed by the Energy Commission as the certifying agency to certify the regulated electrical appliances. These regulated electrical appliances must be certified by SIRIM QAS International. All electrical appliances certified by SIRIM complies with Malaysian and international standards and the factory has been audited to ensure a proper quality control system is in place which produces electrical appliances that consistently and continuously comply with the standard.

If a licensee is found to be misusing the SIRIM-ST label or if the product is proven not conforming with the standards or certification requirements, the product certification licence held by the company will be suspended and upon failure to provide adequate corrective actions, the licence will be terminated and the company will be instructed to recall the products from the market.

Product Categories

There are 34 categories of electrical appliances which are regulated by the Energy Commission. (Refer to Information booklet on “Guideline for Approval Electrical Equipment (Electricity Regulations 1994) available in List of Regulated Electrical Equipment are as follows:

  • Plug top/plug
  • Switch and dimmer
  • Socket outlet
  • Fluorescent lampholder/starter holder
  • Ceiling rose
  • Bayonet cap and multiways adaptor
  • Lamp fitting
  • Capacitor for fluorescent lamp
  • Ballast/control gear/driver for lamp
  • Circuit breaker including AC current operated earth leakage circuit breaker and miniature circuit breaker
  • Portable luminaire lamp
  • Kettle including heating elements if supplied separately
  • Kitchen machine
  • Toaster/oven (cooking appliance)
  • Rice cooker
  • Refrigerator
  • Immersion water heater
  • Water heater including heating elements if supplied separately
  • Washing machine
  • Fan
  • Hand operated hair dryer/hair-care/skin care
  • Iron
  • Shaver
  • Vaporiser
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Hi-fidelity set
  • Video and visual display unit
  • Audio and video player unit,
  • Massager
  • Air conditioner (cooling capacity of 32,00 Btu/hr & below)
  • Christmas light
  • Domestic power tools (portable type)
  • Adapter/charger
  • Wire/cable/cord (non-armoured) 0.5mm² to 35mm²


Under Regulations 97 (1), Electricity Regulations 1994, the manufacturer or importer is responsible to obtain a Certificate of Approval from the regulatory body, Energy Commission (Suruhanjaya Tenaga) prior to the manufacture, import, display, sale of the regulated electrical appliances. Only electrical appliances with Certificate of Approval from Energy Commission and SIRIM certification must be affixed with the SIRIM-ST label.

SIRIM-ST Labels for Electrical Appliances

SIRIM-ST labels for electrical products regulated by Energy Commission.
Size: 10mm x 25mm

Electrical appliances label information can be also viewed through the SIRIM QAS International mobile application. Consumer may also check the SIRIM-ST label through SIRIM QAS International’s mobile application that can be downloaded from AppStore app for the iOS platform or Google play store app for the Android platform.

Tips on Choosing Electrical Appliances

SIRIM QAS International encourage consumers to purchase electrical appliances which have been certified by SIRIM QAS International.  Consumers should look out for the SIRIM-ST label on regulated domestic electrical appliances when purchasing electrical appliances.  The electrical appliances should also be installed properly and be used for its intended purpose as per the product manual. Consumer must also ensure that the goods have at least one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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