Chemical & Material

Chemical & Material

Today, many important industries have numerous applications for innovations involving advanced materials, biochemical, petrochemicals, rubber and rare earth elements. These chemicals and materials are critical for manufacturing many of the world’s most valuable goods. These include energy, lighting, automotive components, electronic chips and medical products.

Businesses in the soft lines industry that produces apparel or linens require the use of chemicals and materials for processing. With complex machinery and chemicals, companies need to comply with high product safety standards. We can assist companies in meeting international standards to ensure the safety and reliability of soft goods.

At SIRIM QAS International, we offer testing, inspection and certification services to help companies comply with safety and sustainability standards. The manufacturing of chemicals and their products involve handling of chemicals by staff and disposal of various toxic waste. Likewise, pharmaceutical manufacturers require adherence to strict manufacturing and laboratory practices. Regulation and standards are crucial as many of these chemicals and materials are hazardous to our health and environment.

Therefore, organisations in the chemicals and materials industry are highly regulated. By consistently complying to regulations and voluntary standards, we help companies to remain safe, sustainable and competitive in the market.

We help businesses improve efficiency, safety and reduce environmental impacts with the following services:

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