IECEx Certification of Personnel Competence for Explosive Atmospheres

IECEx Certification of Personnel Competence for Explosive Atmospheres

The mechanisms to ensure that equipment as well as the people working in Ex locations benefit from the highest level or safety.

About IECEx Certification Of Personnel Competence For Explosive Atmospheres

IECEx Certification of Personnel Competence for Explosive Atmospheres is one of the schemes under the IECEx Certification System for the certification of personnel competence for person engaged in work and services related to explosive atmospheres. Industry within the explosive atmospheres with complexity of equipment requires skilled and knowledgeable personnel to perform proper hazardous area classification, design, installation, inspection maintenance and repair of explosion protected equipment.

A Certificate of Personnel Competence (CoPC) is issued when compliance with the scheme requirements has been achieved and the personnel is competent according to Units of Competence in the scope of the application.

Benefits of IECEx for Explosive Atmospheres?

  • Provide cross-industry competencies needed for work associated with equipment of hazardous areas.
  • Demonstrates personnel competency and provides confidence on operational of equipment complying with IECEx requirements and IEC standards related to explosive atmospheres.
  • Provides a single system for the assessment and qualification of persons meeting the competency prerequisites needed to properly implement the safety requirements based on the suite of IEC Standards covering explosive atmospheres.

Why SIRIM QAS International?

  • We are the sole ASEAN based IECEx Certification Body for IECEx Certification of Personnel Competence for Explosive Atmosphere.
  • We are an approved certification body to provide 3rd party assurance that the person has knowledge, skill and qualification based on the CoPC prerequisites.
  • Our highly experienced and professional auditors are competent in a wide range of sectors.

How to apply IECEx for Explosive Atmospheres?

  1. Application
  2. Evaluation of Applicant Documentation
  3. Assessment (Knowledge and/or Performance) of Personnel Competence
  4. Issuance of Certificate and Wallet ID
  5. Surveillance and Recertification


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