Cultivate Customer Loyalty With Eco-Labelling Scheme.

About SIRIM Eco-labelling Scheme

You can position your product as an environmentally friendly product by certifying it under the SIRIM Eco-Labelling Scheme. The SIRIM Eco-Labelling mark gives your product a competitive advantage over similar products in the market that prioritises the environment. The SIRIM Eco-Labelling Scheme has been recognised as the National Eco-labelling Programme of Malaysia.

Benefits of SIRIM Eco-Labelling Scheme

  • Provide independent verification that your manufactured products follow environmental-friendly criteria.
  • Boost your product’s acceptance in international “green markets” that favour green products with a price premium.
  • Facilitate participation in green procurement programmes by the Government and the private sector.
  • Enhance your reputation among consumers as an eco-friendly business.
  • Contribute to the preservation and protection of the environment.

Why SIRIM QAS International?

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