Every business involved in the preparation, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of foodstuffs understands the importance of ensuring that food products are safe for human consumption. HACCP certification is an internationally recognized system that provides a comprehensive scientific approach for identifying, assessing and control of hazards in food businesses.

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  • Control significant food hazards and improve the quality of your product through internal process management.

  • Assure customers of the safety of your food product.

  • Open the way to markets by meeting regulatory requirements.

  • Gain competitive advantage over other non-certified organizations.

  1. Submission of Questionnaire

  2. Issuance of Quotation

  3. Submission of Application

  4. Stage 1 Audit

  5. Stage 2 Audit

  6. Recommendation & Approval

  7. Issuance of Certificate

  8. Surveillance Audit/Recertification


1. Brochure | 2 MB

2. Food & Drink Brochure | 3 MB

3. Guideline for Certification | 4 MB

4. Questionnaire | 138 kB

5. Appendix | 130 kB

6. Pre-Certification Contract | 125 kB

7. Application For Transfer of Certificate | 23 kB

8. MOH Application Form | 46 kB