Personnel competency assessment for Welder Certification Scheme to steel fabrication industries in accordance to ISO 9606-1 which can also be accredited against ISO 17024 Standards. Welder certification / qualification is based on specific test to determine a welder’s skill and ability to deposit sound weld metal. The test consist of many variables, including the specific welding process, type of metal, thickness, joint design, position and others.

  • To demonstrate that they have the skill to be able to make production welds that are free from defects when welding in accordance with a Qualified/Approved Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)
  • To give maximum confidence that the welder meets the quality requirements of the Qualified/Approved WPS
  • The test weld should be carried out on the same material and same conditions as for the production welds
  • SIRIM QAS International has been providing Welder Qualification Test (WQT) as Inspecting Authority by Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH)
  • SIRIM QAS International is also Malaysian Incorporated company authorised gazetted Inspecting authority under the Fourth Schedule of the Factories and Machinery Regulations 1970.
  • SIRIM QAS International also has been granted accreditations by Department Of Standards Malaysia (STANDARDS MALAYSIA) under the Malaysia Inspection Bodies Accreditation Scheme (MIBAS_ which meet the requirement of MS ISO/IEC 17020
  1. Enquiries
  2. Issuance of Quotation
  3. Submission of Application
  4. Verify/Review – Qualification of Welding Procedures/Welders
  5. Witness/Verify/Review – Finished Test weld
  6. Review and Verify the Testing Report of Finished Test Weld
  7. Evaluation Panel
  8. Released Dispatch and Certificate of Professional Industrial Welder Qualification


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