As an alternative to Product Certification Scheme, you may arrange for batch certification of your imported product, especially the regulated item, such as the electrical products through the Consignment Laboratory of the Electrical and Electronic Section. Our consignment service provides a quick and convenient solution for electrical product importers. Once they have been inspected and tested, your products will receive SIRIM Labels indicating a particular batch complies with standard and regulatory requirements.

  • Quickly obtain SIRIM Labels for your imported product, (especially some of the regulated item)
  • Demonstrate your products’ compliance with national or international safety standards.
  • Boost customer confidence in your products through the use of SIRIM Labels as marketing tools.
  • Cost effective marketing tools for traders who wish to try-out the product in the Malaysian market.
  1. Receipt of Application
  2. Documentation Audit
  3. Inspection & Sampling
  4. Testing on Samples
  5. Approval
  6. Issuance of Labels
  7. Affix Labels
  8. Market Surveillance