In ensuring your plastics materials and products in compliance to national and international standards, the Plastics and Composite Materials Section is ready to serve you by offering comprehensive plastics testing and analytical capabilities.  Our certification to the ISO 17025 is a manifestation of our resolve in providing professional services to you.The labroratory is also granted ILAC Laboratory Combined MRA Mark by Standards Malaysia that signifies all test reports issued by the laboratory are internationally recognized.

Thermal & Spectroscopic Analysis

  • Material, Contamination & Failure Analysis
  • Thermal Profile, Glass Transition Temperature (Tg), Heat of Fusion, Crystallinity, Specific Heat Capacity (Cp), Oxidation Induction Time (OIT) & Curing Analysis.
  • Material Composition, Filler Content, Carbon Black Content, Onset of Degradation
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, Stiffness & Damping, Softening Temperature
  • Microsection Analysis

Physical and Mechanical Properties

  • Tensile, Flexural, Compressive & Tear Properties
  • Izod, Charpy & Tensile Impact at both Ambient & Sub-Ambient Temperatures, Dart Drop Impact
  • Shore A & D, Rockwell ,IRHD Hardness & Barcol Hardness.
  • Fatigue & Dynamic Mechanical Evaluation
  • Density of Solids, Foam & Powder
  • Rheology & Melt Flow
  • Haze, Light Transmittance, Opacity & Colour Change
  • Carbon Black Dispersion
  • Coefficient of Friction
  • Dynamic Bending & Torsion tests
  • Flammability (UL94) , Smoke Density & Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI)
  • Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) & Vicat Softening Temperature

Environmental Conditioning

  • Heat Ageing, Heat Cycle, Heat Reversion, Shrinkage
  • Temperature & Humidity Conditioning
  • Accelerated Weathering : Xenon & QUV
  • Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance (ESCR)


  • Surface & Volume Resistivity & Breakdown Voltage
  • Flammability (UL94), Smoke Density & Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI)
  • Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) & Vicat Softening Temperature
  • Moldflow Simulation Analysis for Injection Moulding (Flow, Cool, Warp & Shrink)
  • Surface & Volume Resistivity


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