You can position your product as an environmentally-friendly product by certifying it under the SIRIM Eco-Labelling Scheme. The SIRIM Eco-Labelling mark competitively positions your product over other similar products in a consumer market that is becoming increasingly environmentally-conscious. The SIRIM Eco-Labelling Scheme has been recognized as the National Eco-labelling Programme of Malaysia.

Details about Product Criteria

SIRIM Eco-Labelling Certified Client

  • Provide independent verification of that your products are manufactured under environmentally-friendly criteria.

  • Boost your product’s acceptance in international “green markets” that favor green products with a price premium.

  • Facilitate participation in green procurement programmes by the Government and the private sector.

  • Enhance your reputation among consumers as an eco-friendly business.

  • Contribute to the preservation and protection of the environment.

  1. Submission of Questionnaire

  2. Issuance of Quotation

  3. Submission of Application

  4. Document Evaluation

  5. Factory Audit

  6. Sample Selection* & Testing

  7. Recommendation & Approval

  8. Surveillance

  9. Renewal

*Note: Sequence of sampling may differ from product to product.


1. Brochure | 559 kB

2. Product/Eco-labelling Questionnaire | 340 kB

3. Information on Eco-Labelling Certification Scheme | 169 kB

4. Product certification Agreement | 66 kB

5. Product Certification Requirement | 274 kB

6. Application for Product Certification | 340 kB

7. Application of SIRIM Label | 140 kB

8. Declaration of Approval from Relevant Authority | 103 kB

9. Declaration by Declaration of Approval for Trade Mark | 120 kB

10. Declaration by Manufacturer | 70 kB

11. Declaration of Obtaining SIRIM License for the purpose of Relevant Authority Approval from Relevant Authority | 14 kB

12. Authorization Letter | 108 kB

13. Product Criteria Document (PCD) Proposal form | 591 kB

14. Application for Change of License Particular | 369 kB